I am old and grumpy, and I hated your show.


I love Incubus. I watched them in high school on the Family Values video while pulling cones, I used their lyrics in all my English essays, I listen to them at least once a week, and I even payed $100+ dollars to see them last night, even though I haven’t liked any of their albums post 2001 (Morning View).

Last night they opened up with Wish You Were Here which made me so happy, and my built up anticipation and excitement was not disappointed. That high crashed rapidly with the next 9 songs. They played songs from albums released from 2004-2015. The worst thing I could hear at a gig is “hey, this is one of our new tracks”. NO. STOP IT.

I don’t understand how they could go on playing all these new songs and boring-arse tracks that no one likes when the crowd reaction (around me at least) was dead. Like cross your arms dead and half clap at the end of a song because you don’t want to be rude. When they played the classics, every one went nuts, why wouldn’t you want to keep up that energy and enjoyment?

On the up side, they always sound spot-on playing live. Brandon’s voice is heaven, the band are on point and Brandon’s predictable loss of his shirt over the course of the show is always appreciated. The second half of the show was also pretty amazing, They played tracks like Circles, Nice To Know You, Drive, Pardon Me and one of my all time favourites The Warmth.

I know I’m probably being ridiculous, but if I pay over $100 to see a band, I expect to hear the classics. I went to go see Simon & Garfunkel and they didn’t pull out any new tracks, they played the classics and Paul Simon even did some of the classic Graceland tracks, which made my heart happy.

Maybe there should have been some sort of warning. Or perhaps they could do what Weezer and other artists do and play an album from start to finish.

Check out the set list below

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Down To Earth

Flight Facilities have brought out a new video for their track Down To Earth which stars Sam Rockwell (The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Frost/Nixon, Matchstick Men, Dangerous Minds) and choreographed by Vince Paterson. After you check that out, you should listen to Crave You, which I’ve had on repeat for the last few weeks.

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Tkay Maidza National Tour – M.O.B

Tkay Maidza

Because your beloved Tay Tay wasn’t elligle for the Hottest 100, it allowed this talented lady to slot right into the Triple J Hottest 100 at #100 with her track Switch Lanes. Well Tkay Maidza has a national tour coming up that you get to. Supported by ol’ mates over at Acclaim (who I once interned with back in the day), she’ll be supported by UV Boi and JOY. Have a listen to her new single Money Over Bitches while you’re at it.

Fri 10 Apr                       Flyrite                                                               Perth                WA
Tix from http://tickets.oztix.com.au/?Event=50687  ||  http://heatseeker.oztix.com.au/?Event=50687

Sat 11 Apr                       Jive                                                                  Adelaide           SA
Tix from http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/tkay-maidza-m-o-b-national-tour/76072

Fri 17 Apr                       Goodgod Small Club                                      Sydney             NSW
Tix From www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/tkay-maidza-with-special-guests-uv-boi-joy/76016

Sat 18 Apr                       Woolly Mammoth                                           Brisbane          QLD
Tix From https://mammothmanestage.ticketscout.com.au/gigs/3337/TkayMaidzaWoolly

Fri 24 Apr                       Northcote Social Club                                     Melbourne        VIC
Tix From https://corner.ticketscout.com.au/gigs/3338/TkayMaidzaNorthcote

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A chat with Ned Russin from Title Fight

Ned Title Fight

Image via GQ

Hot on the heels of the release of Title Fights new album Hyperview. I got to have a conversation on the phone with Ned Russin. I pretty much what I did in every interview, sound weird and nervous and most likely scared them. This especially happens when I actually like the artist, and I like this one. My friends in London dragged me to shows, and I was in love. Check out my interview below.

How’s the press going? Do you ever get sick of it?

This time around it’s been good. The last two albums we’ve done there was a lot of the same type of introductory question, but hopefully we’ve gotten to the point where hopefully people know us now. So we can skip all of that, this stuff I like, talking about the music and the record.

How long did it take you to record your new album?

We recorded over the course of a month. We had the month of July booked and we ended up going a little bit late, so we were in there until the very beginning of August.

That sounds like a pretty quick turnaround.

Once we sort of got our situation figure out, we could get on the way with everything but it was the longest time we’ve ever spent in the studio and I think we were definitely able to do a lot more with the pre-production process.

What can fans expect from your new album?

I mean a lot of the reactions we’re getting so far from people is that it’s drastically different, its shoegaze, that it’s minimalist, things like this and I don’t think I’d preface it with any of those descriptions. It’s definitely a little bit more spaced-out, more ethereal, (which) I think is a good word that was tossed around a little bit. But at the same time I think it retains the same energy and same emotions that we’ve always put forward and we’ve also used some of the elements from this record before, we just never elaborated to this extent. It’s not completely out of left field, I think if you have made your way through the entirety of a record of ours you will pick up on some stuff, but it is different that anything we’ve done before. It’s not going to be the same exact thing if people are expecting that but it’s not completely different either.

Do you have a favourite track?

Right now my favourite is Liar’s Love I think.

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Have a listen to the dreamy track Strangers from The Rebel Light, it’s making my want to go lie on a beach and drink tropical cocktails reach fever pitch. I mean, I have a cheap Target pool in the backyard but it’s not exactly the same. http://therebellight.com

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Nancy Magoo’s Weekend Mixup #24: Soundwave

Brandon Boyd

Soundwave is nearly here for another year. I worked at the first one where I finally got to see the love of my life Brandon Boyd perform and I think I went last year, or the year before. I can’t remember, it was a free ticket and I saw Limp Bizkit. I’m going to see Incubus at the Melbourne Sidewave, so I’ve been listening to the first three albums on a loop. I was just going to make an Inubus playlist but I thought I’d chuck some of the other artists on the lineup on there. For the most part I had no idea who the bands were and the others I didn’t like, so I just stuck to some nostalgic favourites of mine.

Have a great weekend!


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Q&A with The Last 24

The Last 24

We haven’t had a Q&A for a while but you’re in luck, we’ve got one all the way from Norway! The lovely Marthine from pop-punk band band The Last 24, she’s not only absolutely stunning, but she has an appreciation for Millencolin (which was basically the soundtrack to my 16 year old self).

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U Don’t Know

Alison WonderlandLovely lady Alison Wonderland has a new-ish track (inbox slacking), called U Don’t Know which features Wayne Coyne. Also have a read of the Q&A that she so kindly filled out for the Parklife series a few years ago – Q&A with Alison Wonderland

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