Sarcasm and The Law: A Triumphant Tale


Someone famously wrote, “The law is an ass”, but I can’t remember who as I’ve never read Charles Dickens. But whoever it was had a point, the law does suck. Especially when it means I have to pay money. And none would have felt the painful sting of those famous words more than I, had I just been thinking of them that day the horror started.

I’d just finished a cheerful, hardworking, honest, true-blue, Aussie taxpaying day when I arrived home to a horrendous sight. There, amongst my mail was a letter from the State Debt Recovery Office. I had a distinct feeling that I was going to lose something.

For christ’s sake what had I done this time? Yet another jaywalking fine? What, is it also illegal to flip off cops I see hiding near traffic light crossings now? Or is this a freaking parking fine? It’s the inner city, come on! Parking illegally is the only way to actually park in the same suburb that you live! What more could you possibly want from me?!

It’s money. They wanted my money.

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Right Now – Hopium


Here’s a new-ish track (I’m really bad at checking my emails) from Hopium called Right Now. With some smooth RnB beats and a sleek and minimalist film clip that features two dancers and some water, basically dancing with the grace I have while I’m singing in the shower.

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Q&A with Forest Falls

Forest Falls

Forest Falls are a 6 piece indie/folk band from Melbourne who not only have a great track out called Hounds (which you can check out below) but are playing some gigs around Melbourne and Sydney including a residency at the Melbourne Worker’s Club. Singer, Jon O’Neil was lovely enough to partake in our Q&A and even though he doesn’t like gaming, I appreciate anyone who has a love for Simon & Garfunkel and Vietnamese food (even if it is the not as good vegetarian version).

Read Jon’s answers below.

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Struggle Street and the Quest For Outrage

Struggle street family

Last week was an excellent week for irony and I’m not even talking about the fact that Kim Kardashian released a book. But I am talking about the ironic cluster fuck of a pantomime that was the Struggle Street saga. For those unaware, but mostly so I can settle into a flow, Struggle Street is the new three part SBS documentary about some of the more disadvantaged, downtrodden residents of Western Sydney’s Mt Druitt. The first episode aired last Wednesday with the final 2 episodes airing in one hit this Wednesday. But even before its broadcast, before anyone had even seen any more than a one and a bit minute promo clip for the show, something curious was happening. People were going nuts.

It started with some outrage from some of the show’s participants who’d seen the promo and were angry about their apparent misrepresentation. Given the promo’s content, but perhaps more likely the sudden realisation from these participants that some of the stupid things they did on camera was now a stupid thing they did on national TV, it’s understandable they may have been a little apprehensive and nervous.

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101st Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - Inside Arrivals

If you love and are entertained as much by American politics as I am, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the White House Correspondents’ Dinner held annually. The highlights of course are the president taking centre stage and delivering some well written jokes that were probably written by an enormous team of comedy writers and then editing a million times and put through numerous focus groups to make sure no-one of importance got too insulted. Might I say, Obama is a pro at delivery and can land a joke like a pro. The other highlight is the guest comedian who is there to roast the President, political journalists, and anyone in the Democrats/Republicans who is making news, to which they’re never short of a punch line.

This year was the magnificent Cecily Strong (who should have stayed at the update desk, instead of being replaced by the bumbling Michael Che). She had the classic “no one is watching C-Span”, “what’s up with Joe Biden”, “FOX is watched by old people”, and a “Bush family member” jokes. More importantly she mentioned the mistreatment of black people by police, the fact that men are the ones making decisions about women’s bodies and even made the audience of journalists make an oath not to write about Hillary Clinton’s appearance in the coming months “because that isn’t journalism”.

 Love u girl.

HILLARY 2016!!

(If you’re looking for some other good ones, check out Joel McHale’s last year, or Seth Myers and Obama’s from 2011).

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The Fleetwood Five

Fleetwood Mac Tour


Queen Stevie (and the rest of the band, including Christine McVie) will be back in Australia at the end of the year. This line up hasn’t performed together since 1998. I have yet to see them perform which makes me incredibly sad, but I never remember to get the tickets early on, so by the time I have a look at what’s available it’s for a $500+ seat down the front and I am wayyyy to poor for that. I’m not a baby boomer with unlimited cash unfortunately, which I’m pretty sure who those seats are marketed to.

If I miss out again, I’ll just listen to this mix I made of my favourite songs. Or you should have a listen to and remember how great they are, if you may have forgotten.


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Q&A with NYUON


Lovely and talented Melbourne hip hop artist, NYUON, is next up to grace us with his DWB Q&A answers. If I was cooler and had a different accent I’d like to think I’d be an MC and I’d be married to Ad-Rock or Mos Def. A girl can dream. Check out NYUON’s answers below!

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Last Laugh

Hollow Everdaze have released a clip for their track Last Laugh created by Jason Galea. If you’re familiar with Zonk Vision (check out their Mr Scribble stuff), you’ll probably know the awesome Jason Galea, who I met a million years ago at a few parties and gigs through his even more amazing girlfriend. His stuff is psychedelic, trippy and a creative wonderland. Oh and the song is a pretty awesome and dreamy track.

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