Q&A with YOKE



YOKE are an alt-pop band from Sydney who have a video out for their track ‘Burden‘ which is from their upcoming EP ‘Jabiluka‘. You can check out the video below along with the answers from the painfully handsome lead singer Kyle Linahan who had a little help from guitarist Julian Boswell.

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Baro Album Cover

Baro is 17(!?), describes his music as lounge rap and is a million times cooler than I’ll ever be. I’ve been listening to his mixtape ‘HOWGOODISGOOD‘ all day and it’s making the task of job hunting a lot less stressful. You can download his mixtape over at Bandcamp – here and you can name your own price, so even better. It reminds me a lot like Canadian jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD, which if you haven’t checked out already, what the fuck is wrong with you?




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Creepin on ah Come Up

Bone Thugs N Harmony Tour

Bone Thugs N Harmony will be touring Australia, well two of them. I do have a very soft spot for 90′s hip hop and rnb, except I really hate that song they did called Tha Crossroads. Holy fuck that song is repetative and boring, Thuggish Ruggish Bone on the other hand though, amazing.



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Tough Love

Jessie Ware

When I was going through my play SBTRKT all the time phase, I was introduced to Jessie Ware. My voice sounds very similar to Jessie’s when I’m in the shower. I also sound a lot like Stevie Nicks as well…Enough about me, the official video for the track Tough Love has just come out. Also if you click the read more bit I’ve added a few tracks that Jessie Ware is in, that I love. Also Sampha has the most perfect voice ever.

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Nancy Magoo’s Weekend Mixup #19: The Workout Mix

Kanyes Workout Plan

Why are people that love exercise so annoying and constantly peppy? Chill out with your natural high, have you even tried illicit drugs? I’m down to a couple of cigarettes a day, haven’t touched drugs in forever and can’t binge drink like I used to. I’m super boring now. Instead I do Muay Thai four times a week and complain a lot on Twitter how I’m sore. When I can be motivated enough to train at home on the bag, I put on this mix.

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Get Dizzy Baby



Melbournian Nussy has released her debut single which is out today called Dizzy, which you should check out. It’s a super poppy delight but in the best way. To coincide with the releases of her single and self titled EP (out on July 18th) she has some launch shows:

Thurs 31 July | The Workers Club, Melbourne | http://theworkersclub.com.au

Friday 1 Aug | Pirie And Co Social Club | http://pirieandco.com.au

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Needs more Blake Griffin

Kyrie Irving

or Kyrie Irving, SWOON. While it’s not as good as the first one  which I posted about – here, it’s still pretty good. To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention this past season. My poor baby Celtics are rebuilding after nearly all my favourites left (some a few years ago that I’m still bitter about :P). Maybe next season…

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Q&A with Mammals


It feels like forever since I posted. I’ve just finished uni and am job hunting, so I really have no excuse for being so slack. Today we have a Q&A with the lovely Guy Brown aka Mammals. You can listen to the new(ish) track Circles below and check out his answers. He seems like a nice dude, despite the fact that he likes rugby (not that I’m extremely biased towards AFL).

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