Yoke 1Yoke have their debut album coming out entitled Jabiluka, this Thursday (the 11th of September). If you’d like to have a listen you can stream it over at their Soundcloud – here. They’ve also released a clip for their track Halocline.

Read singer Kyle’s Q&A with Destroy, Whiteboy – here.

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Q&A with Davey Lane

Davey Lane

Talented and handsome man Davey Lane is next up to complete our Q&A, you may know him from his work with You Am I, or one of his other numerous projects. He’s got a solo album coming out in October called Atonally Young and the first release is Komarov, which you can watch below, and was done by those awesome guys over at Zonk Vision.

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Magi Fuel

Cull Magi Fuel

Here’s some music for your Monday morning from ol’ mates Cull (who previously filled out our Q&A section here). It’s ethereal and wonderful.

Cull Official

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Q&A With Lauren Glezer

Lauren GlezerLauren Glezer is a Melbourne folk artist who has just released a video for her track, This Living. Seeing as she’s doing some shows to launch her new EP Searching For Tall, we’ve asked her to fill out our Q&A. Check out her answers and new video below.

WED 10 SEP | ACOUSTIC SOUP @ THE CO OP, CANBERRA ACT  | ALL AGES  | Tickets available at the door
SUNDAY 28 SEPT | THE EVELYN HOTEL, MELBOURNE VIC 18+  | Tickets available at the door

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Shows You Should Have Watched By Now: Attack On Titan

Attack On TitanAttack on Titan is a manga (written by Hajime Isayama) turned anime that I’m in love with. I’ve never actually watched an anime series. My only memory of Japanese animation is the hentai my friend’s older brother used to watch when I was in primary school and I was confused as to why some guy was pissing into a woman’s mouth.

I download and binge watched what was labelled season one, which had the English dub, but I’m extremely confused if the second season has come out in English or only in Japanese, or any at all. If you could inform me, that’d be great. If Wikipedia is correct, the second season of the English version comes out September 6, 2014. Fingers crossed!

Basically the world is over run with titans who have an appetite for humans and with that, have nearly wiped out humanity. The remaining humans have constructed huge walls to keep the titan out and blah blah blah you can guess what happens next.

Here are my favourite things about the show:

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No Sleep ‘Til Wednesday

No Sleep Til Wednesday


If you’re headed to Brisbane for Big Sound, you should head to the No Sleep ‘Til Wednesday party which will be kicking off the Big Sound festivities.

If you want free drinks and free entry, make sure you head to the Facebook event page and RVSP – https://www.facebook.com/events/753984297995177/ 


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Wanna slow dance?

Slow Dancer
Here’s a track for your Monday morning. This is Took The Floor Out from Slow Dancer (Oh Mercy guitarist Simon Okely). You can listen to this while you day dream about the weekend. Or in my case, procrastinating all the things I should be doing.


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My Hometown

Munro Melano (1)

Ol mate Munro Melano has a video out for his track My Hometown. Munro kindly filled out a Q&A for us last year and makes reading press releases more enjoyable with NBA talk and mention of my beloved Boston Celtics.

Check out the chill track below.

Munro Melano Official
Munro Melano Facebook

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