The Future Is In The Future

Here come the future boys…

Rejoice! Modern technology is such a delight. My more recent forays into the field of education have helped me realise just how significantly technology can improve so many facets of life.

During the last five years I’ve seen a resentment for the imposition and confusion new technology causes technophobes shift toward the glorious efficiency and simplicity that technology brings.

In a 20 minute car ride home from work, I can hear about the girlfriends day, discuss a student issue with a parent, organise to meet a friend at the gym and order flowers for the Valentines Day I missed, all hands free. And to think I thought the biggest breakthrough I’d make would be drinking an Up-N-Go whilst driving. I know all you Apple haters will curse me but the iGeneration has typified the fact that technology shouldn’t be confusing and it should save time rather than create new problems.

I look forward to the day where Siri removes the need for all unnecessary human contact.

I may or may not have been putting all my stolen mp3s off Kazaa onto an external hard drive and stumbled upon Senor Smoke.

Javid does a great Electric Six vocal and he will take you to a gay bar if you ask nicely.

One thought on “The Future Is In The Future

  1. Javid van der Piepers says:

    you KNOW I will. i put the UNBO in FUNBOY!

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