Q&A with the Vengaboys


Whenever I used to see adverts on TV for 80’s artists that were doing a comeback tour I’d think “oh man, the oldies are going to love this”, but now I’ve noticed that all the bands that are coming back are ones that used to frequent the charts when I was in school. I am now one of those oldies. The Vengaboys have new tunes are are going to visit Australia early next year and Donny filled out our Q&A form (with a few extra questions). I should have asked why they’ve never been on Eurovision, they’re the epitome of cheesy Europop!

My name is: Ma’Donny the  Intergalactic Space Cowboy

I play in: the Vengaboys

We sound like: Whitney Houston on Helium LOL

Inspired by: Party People, Happy Vibes & Lots of Booze

We reside in: the land of Smelly Cheese, Smelly Tulips and Smelly Wooden Shoes LOL

Our local music scene is: Happy 90’s Party Scene

The most annoying thing about our scene is: Those horrible songs!! LOL

Our best gig to date was: there were soo many… but one of the epic ones would be our first show we did last time we we’re in OZ. Right there with you guys in Brisbane. Opening show of our 2012 Tour. The crowd was going Mental. Loved it!!

The song that gets me dancing is: Party Rock from LMFAO

First album I bought: New Kids On The Block

My musical youth involved: NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson & Dolly Parton

Pop music is: Sometimes soooo annoying

If I could have written any song it would have to be: BAD by Michael Jackson

Do you play Fifa? Nope!!….. but I don’t mind playing with some other balls, tho ;o)

Favourite Restaurant: Buddakan NYC …….  Delicioussssssss

The thing I hate most about bloggers is: They talk to much and always want to over share everything

My Musical Guilty Pleasure is: …. hmmmmm don’t know excactly what you mean by this but it sounds naughty… I like it! ;o)

The sporting team I follow is: Australia’s Men’s Swimming team, GO EAMON!!

If I weren’t a musician I would be: an Actor. … and play Luke Skywalker in The Starwars saga
Bonus Questions:

How are the group dynamics? Have they changed since you started? Group dynamic is constant. And my contribution to the group’s dymanic would be more laughter and more naughty jokes ;o)

Do you ever get sick of singing the massive hits? Hell yeah! Sometimes I just hum a Dolly Parton song in my head while doing Boom Boom on stage LOL

What exactly does “double boom” mean? LOL ….. do I really need to tell you this?? Maybe better to show you in private ;o)

How would you describe your new material? Our new material is still party music..  a bit updated sound wise but still fun, sexy and uplifting.

What can audiences expect from your live shows? Expect sing-a-long feel good chaos with high energy party madness. YeeeeHawwwww!!
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